Tailor and designer, Catherine

Catherine wants to expand her business in designing and sewing baby suits. She is happy that Jacana wants to guide her in this process.

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Wanted: Baby suite designer

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Guiding & Monitoring data

November 2016

Jacana had a first meeting with Catherine to discuss about the work plan for the coming months:

  • In January 2017 Catherine wants to open a new shop where she will display and sell the baby materials. Before she opens this new branch she want to be trained in stock keeping, book keeping, writing contracts for the staff and payslips, register at NAPSA (pension fund).
  • Catherine wants help in designing a logo and labels for her clothes and baby materials.
  • The first step will be training of Catherine and her sister in book keeping and stock keeping. This will be early December.

December 2016

Catherine and her sister came to Jacana office to discuss about the business. The following things were discussed

  • Contracts for staff. Catherine wants to go to NAPSA (pension fund) and discuss about opening accounts for her staff.
  • Book keeping was discussed. Only a few small changes were needed. Catherine already keeps her books.
  • In January Catherine will go and look for a new venue to open a new shop.

January 2017

  • Catherine went to NAPSA and they give her the time up to February 2017 to register her employees.
  • She had a meeting with her staff to discuss the NAPSA issues.

February 2017

  • During a meeting with Jacana some changes were made in the cash book and opening of a Profit and Loss book.
  • Dinie showed Catherine how a contract and code of conduct should look like. Catherine will go through it and next time the contract and code of conduct will be printed.
  • A new shop is found for the baby department.

March 2017

  • Catherine is still working on the NAPSA issues. She will contact the manager again to help her out.
  • The new shop is painted and is located “at the highway” of Saturday market in Chipata. The new shop is close to her other shop.
  • For now Catherine does not have the baby materials yet, that is why she shifted two of her employees to this shop and work from there.

Catherine’s new shop

Highway of Saturday market


shop catherine









Catherine K. Banda is running a tailoring Business named “Fatuma Tailoring Shop” for more than 11 years. She is married and has four children. Her business started in Lusaka and relocated to Chipata, where her shop is located in Town centre. She is a hard working woman who has managed to employ 5 workers among which 3 are on permanent basis while the other two are on piece work. Catherine is a good designer and willing to learn new designs, with such a desire to enhance her business skills she attended the three days Jacana’s business, financial and marketing training. Catherine wants to expand her business into making baby suits. After the training she realized she needs an expert who has skills in baby suit sewing. Jacana believes Catherine is an enthusiastic and motivated entrepreneur who is ready to grow and become a role model for many women in the area. For this reason jacana has decided to guide her for the full year.Catherine Banda's family

Catherine Banda was one of the most active students during the business training.

Catherine has a busy company with has the potential to grow bigger. Before Catherine gets absorbed with daily routine activities and lose her visions, Jacana wants to guide her for one year so she can achieve her goal.

Jacana is determined to make sure that the improvements are imbedded in the day-to-day running of her business and in the end she will be a self-sufficient, role models to fellow community members, this will result in poverty alleviation in her communities.

Catherine after Class

To be able to support Catherine we need your financial help. Every small amount is more than welcome. Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.


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Baby suits, business plan


The customer

-cannot get the things on time

-cannot find good designs

-cannot find strong things


You always find unique designs and I always have a new design


Timely services to young mothers

You will always find new designs

It is durable


Am a good designer

I give advice


Expecting mothers


Expecting mothers who are already buying other things in my shop


I see new customers every day

The income increases


Social media

Trough friends and existing customers


I assume expecting mothers are willing to pay K 120 for baby clothing


I will make 2 baby suits and try to sell them at K 120.                             GO: If 2 out of 5 expecting mothers buy, I go.


Cotton Kxx, Labour Kxx t.t Kx


K120 per baby suit

Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Catherine one year in:

  1. Book keeping
  2. Financial planning
  3. Finding an expert in baby clothing

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