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March 2016

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On all fronts Jacana made big steps last month.

The Rabobank believes in our approach.

Rabo bank Share4More

The Rabobank staff fund covers 60% of the guidance costs for 8 small entrepreneurs in Zambia. 

This also means that the remaining 40% needs to be covered by crowd funding.

This means that the cost of the following entrepreneurs are now fully covered:


Tailor, Mirriam

Follow Mirriam here.

Wedding planner, Ireen

and Wedding planner,


Follow Ireen here.

The following entrepreneurs require just a modest remaining contribution:


Lodge manager; Hilda

Welders Joseph and Jona Zulu

Welders; Joseph and Jona Zulu,

Ice producer, Xavier

Ice cream producer; Xavier,

Cooking oil producer, Mrs Simunji


and Cooking oil producer; Wamunjima.


New group

A new series of trainings started on 26th of February. Looks like, we are going to recruit a few enthusiast and inspired entrepreneurs again for the individual guidance of their expansion process. 


Four volunteer Experts active for Jacana

At the moment, there are four volunteer experts active in guiding entrepreneurs under the Jacana programme:

Ireen and Jeanette

Jeanette Biesbroeck for Ireen

Jeanette Biesbroeck is an experienced wedding planner from the Netherlands. She visited Zambia in February and guided Ireen. It's nice to see how the two ladies inspire each other. "Ireen is far ahead and has a great future." according to expert Jeanette who will remain be available even on a distance. Want to know more about Jeanettes work, have a look here: www.dewareweddingplanner.nl.

Le Tran and Simunji

Le Tran for Wamunjima

Le Tran studies at the Arizona State University in the USA. She made beautiful designs for Soya and Sunflower cooking oil for Mrs. Wamunjima. By the way, Le Tran is looking for an internship. Have a look at her great work here: www.letran.design.

Jeroen and Xavier

Jeroen Reith for Xavier

Jeroen Reith from the Netherlands has more than 20 years of experience in graphic designing. He is making a logo and a brand for the freezits (ice popsicles) products from Xavier and Helga. Jeroen is an entrepreneur himself and owner of Buro Gom. Want to know more about Jeroen's work, have a look here: www.burogom.nl .

Maren and the Zulu's

Maren Bruin for the Zulu's

Maren Bruin from Amsterdam is an experienced designer who received several awards with here company Studio Maren Bruin. Maren is designing a logo and billboard for the welders Joseph and Jona Zulu. Have a look at more nice work from Maren at: www.marenbruin.nl .

Thanks on behave of Jacana and all the entrepreneurs.

Wanted: experienced welder

We are looking for an experienced welder to demonstrate several different welding techniques to Joseph and Jona Zulu. If you know an experienced welder, please forward this link: http://jacana.help/project/022-welder



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