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Feb 2016

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Jacana selected the following three entrepreneurs from the second batch of trainees. By chance they all need help in marketing. Two of them want to brand their product and the other one wants a logo and billboard. These three entrepreneurs have proven that they are eager to learn and have perseverance. They deserve our support and will be individually guided by Jacana in expanding their business.



Xavier is a shopkeeper and freezits (ice lollies) producer in Lusaka. At the moment he is selling groceries, fish and freezits. He wants to expand his business into a wholesale and he wants to brand his freezits. 

Do you know somebody who can support Xavier in branding his freezits then please share this link "http://jacana.help/project/xavier"  with him or her.


Wamunyima is a soya and sun seed cooking oil producer. At this moment she only sells the cooking oil in the neighbourhood. She wants to expand her business by selling the cooking oil in shops and in future in supermarkets in Lusaka. She needs support in branding her product. 

Do you know a brand designer that can help Mrs. Wamunyima then please share this link "http://jacana.help/project/Wamunyima" with him or her.

Joseph and Jona Zulu

These two brothers are running a welding business. They want to expand by selling door and window frames through hardware shops and deliver bending services to other welders in the neighbourhood. 

Welders Joseph and Jona Zulu

Do you know a welder then please share this link "http://jacana.help/project/zulu" with him or her.


Why donate?

The selected entrepreneurs achieved great things by their own means and without appropriate education. They show resilience and have enormous hidden capacities which Jacana wants to reveal.

They successfully completed Jacana's training in business, financial and marketing planning. We all know how inspiring a conference or a short training can be, but the next morning we are absorbed again by our day-to-day activities.

Therefore Jacana wants to guide each of them in their individual needs and make sure that the improvements are imbedded in the day-to-day running of the company. That costs time and a little bit of money. Every small amount is more than welcome.


Jacana wants to thank “Protestants Steunfonds” for their donation.



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