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April,  2017

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In March Jacana trained 7 welders in production of rope pumps and EMAS pumps and 9 drillers in manual drilling of boreholes up to 40 meters deep. 

The welders produced the first rope pump in their own workshop. Jacana monitors the quality and if the pump is of good quality, the welders get money for production of four more pumps. The first pump will be installed in front of their workshop as an example. The other four pumps are promotion material and stock to attract customers. When the welders sell a pump they immediately produce a new one, so there are always four on display. 

The drillers are manually drilling boreholes at their own workshop and the workshops of the welders, this to gain experience and to make working examples to convince potential customers. Jacana monitors and guides the process. 

Show case area

Jacana selected some villages around Chipata where 50 partly sponsored pumps will be installed. Families will be the owners of the pumps and are responsible for the maintenance. These families have a plan to earn some money with the pump, because they get access to water throughout the year. As early adopters, they pay only 10% of the costs of the pump. These families will be role models and will motivate others families to buy pumps in the future. 

training luangeni

Selection of the families

Jacana organises meetings in several villages and explains the procedure to all community members how they can become one of the lucky ones who receive a partly sponsored pump. The procedure is:

training luangeni

• In an interview all participants are asked what they will do with the water when they have access to water throughout the year. They present their small business idea.



training luangeni

• The most promising are invited for the business, financial and marketing training. Motivated people with a good business plan are selected. 


• Jacana visits the selected families and check if the plans are realistic. If yes, 10% of the costs of the pump is collected and the drillers can start. 

• The families are guided during one year in expanding their business. 

What about Self-suppy?

People will experience the value of a family owned pump, this will convince other families to buy a pump for themselves. In Tanzania we saw that the Self-supply works. When people were convinced of the technology and the partly sponsored pumps were installed at family homes and communities, more and more people went direct to the welders and drillers to buy a pump. The good example of the role models made sure that the Self-supply started. At this moment more than 5000 pumps are bought without any subsidy in Tanzania. 

Local hardware shops deliver the materials, welders produce pumps and drillers drill boreholes and install pumps

Catherine tailor/designer

Looking for designer for Catherine

Now Catherine has arranged the contracts, taxes and pensions for her workers it is time to focus on marketing of the business. Catherine sews suits for Chipata TV and that is why she gets some free airtime on the local TV.

Unfortunately she has no logo, signboard or business cards. We are looking for a designer who wants to help Catherine voluntary. She has already some ideas, but now it is important to make something beautiful out of this.  Do you know a designer who can invest some time and help her through internet?


Cooperation with Transform International

TI is a netwerk of training centres in developing countries who work in a sustainable way, offer practical training and exchange knowledge. Jacana is happy to be part of it.


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