Gardener, Moses Banda

Moses Banda is a hardworking gardener who has inspired many other entrepreneurs to escape poverty. Moses wants to expand his gardening business by growing onion. He is very happy that Jacana wants to guide him in this process and partially sponsor a borehole with pump for him. For this reason, Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you.

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Moses is in gardening business for a number of years now. His garden is located in Feni village where he is currently farming onion, tomatoes, rape and cabbage. After realizing the importance of acquiring adequate skills in business management, Moses attended the three days of business training conducted by Jacana at Feni primary school.
During the Jacana basic training he demonstrated high level of enthusiasm. At this moment Moses wants to expand his onion production. During the interview he highlighted the water challenges that he faces in dry seasons. According to him, the well dries up; livestock suffers due to shortage of water. Moses expressed interest in a borehole that would provide enough water year-round compared to a shallow well where he has to use a bucket to fetch water for his garden and live stock.
As a young potential and energetic entrepreneur, Moses has enormous hidden capacities which Jacana wants to reveal. Jacana wants to partly sponsor a boerehole with rope pump for him that would ensure continuous water supply for his garden. This solution will put him ahead of his present farming limitations. To be able to partly sponsor this water source for Moses, we need your financial help. Together we can change the business life of this young entrepreneur.

Every small amount is more than welcome.

Thank you for helping Moses Banda!

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Moses is married and a father of one child. He is a young man with vast experience in gardening and general farming.



I want to expand in onion production


Marketeers cannot find a continuous supplier of onion.

Marketeers cannot find quality but affordable onion

Marketeers cannot find a local and reliable supplier of onion



Onion available at all growth levels of production

Delivery services available

Produced within fen area


Buy here.

Fresh quality and affordable onion

Delivery service available on big orders.


Water pump


Marketeers around Feni


Those marketeers who are already buying from me.


Are customers coming to buy

Through profit

Demand for product



Word of mouth

Calling them using phone numbers

Existing customers


I assume that marketeers will like the fresh quality and affordable onion and that they cannot find it nearby and that they are willing to buy from me in the future at K 50 per packet.



I will take sample onion to marketeers and ask 4 people.

GO: If two out of four like the onion and are willing to buy in the future then I will go ahead and invest.


Buying price K 10


K 50 per packet

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Jacana will support Moses in:

  • Providing a partly sponsored water pump.
  • Guidance in book keeping and financial management.
  • Monitoring, guidance and reporting.

Check next month for updates on the guidance

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