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February,  2017

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On 27th of February, Jacana invited all welders and drillers for a training in Emas pump production. This was an amazing and successful task for all of them, as shown in the picture. They are testing their first Emas pump. It was really wonderful.

Technical training

In March trainers from Malawi and the Netherlands will train seven welders and eight well diggers. The welders will be trained in production of two types of drilling sets three types of pumps, using a jig set to ensure standardization and quality. The well diggers will be trained in manual drilling boreholes up to 40 meters with two different techniques. 

Besides this all participants get a training in pump installation and construction of ground water recharge system.


Selected entrepreneurs for technical training

The following entrepreneurs have been selected for technical training in rope pump construction and manual borehole drilling.

Metal fabricator -  Moses Mawele

Moses has a metal fabrication company; he wants to learn how to make rope pumps to sell to his community. 

 Well digger and mason -  Michael Soko

Well digger & mason, Michael Soko wants to learn manual drilling to benefit his village.

Well digger -  Edward Tembo

Edward makes water wells, toilets and soak away pits. Now he wants to provide borehole drilling services and rope pumps for his community members.

Metal workshop director - Joseph Kabwe

Joseph has a metal fabrication company with 6 staff he wants to expand to rope pump construction. 

Welder - George Chulu

Experienced welder George has trained many other welders within the province. At the moment he wants to expand his business into oxcarts and rope pumps.

Well digger - Hillary Phiri

Open well digger Hillary Phiri at Feni sub-center Luangeni constituency wants to expand into manual drilling of boreholes.

Metal fabricator - Boston Muwowo

Boston runs a company in fabrication. He makes popcorn, free-zit and peanut butter machines. He wants expand his business in making rope pumps. 


 Well digger - Steven Zulu

 Steven is a well digger and a barber; he wants to expand into manual drilling. 

Welder - Gideon Phiri

Welder Gideon wants to produce and sell rope pumps. Gideon's weldings is located at the main road between the capital of Zambia and the capital of Malawi. 

Gideon -welder

Well digger - Hastings Mbewe

Hastings is a well digger and electrician; he wants to expand into manual drilling of boreholes.

Hasting-Well digger

Well digger and brick maker - Moses and Osward

Moses and Osward make bricks and are well diggers in their community; they want to expand into manual drilling and rope pump construction.

Engineer - Robert Zulu

Robert is a qualified engineer and welder. His company is located at the Great East road and next to Shoprite. He wants to expand into rope pump construction.


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