Jacana Business Empowerment News

January,  2017

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Here are some of the results from 2016. We like to thank all individuals and orginasations who have made this possible. 

New batch of entrepreneurs trained

Around mid December 2016, Jacana had conducted her usual 3 day entrepreneurship training. This training was significantly dominated by local welders and well diggers; this was in preparation for the technical training presumed to take place early this year were they will be trained in new technologies. The good news is that 6 local welders and 6 well diggers exhibited motivation and enthusiasm during the training hence, they have been selected for the technical part.

Mushroom cultivator, Bernadette

Bernadette Phiri is a hard working woman, She is into mushroom cultivation, a business that is hardly found in the Chipata. She wants to expand her business by widening her market segment to supermarkets, restaurants and lodges. Jacana will guide her in financial management, book keeping and packaging design. 

Welders, Jona & Joseph, after 1 year guidance by Jacana    

Jacana guided Jona & Joseph Zulu with the expansion of their welding business. They are about to open a new branch and this will provide work to at least one more person.

Solid waste manager, Joel expanded in recycling business

Joel expanded his solid waste management business with recycling. He provides work to 20 people who collect waste for him and he employed one manager. He is a great role model. Jacana guided him for a year

Cooking Oil producer, Wamunyima expanded her business during one year of guidance by Jacana.

Mrs. Wamunyima opened a shop, created a brand and does more in vegetable and maize farming. Jacana guided her for 1 year. She created seasonal jobs and is a great example for others.

Castricum helpt Muttathara.

Castricum sponsored last year the start of Jacana SMART training centre. They made it possible to do a survey in Zambia to select the best place to start the centre and Jacana could install 4 rope pumps in different places in Chipata. 

Castricum decided to sponsor Jacana again for one more year for the benefit of the "Water for Zambia" project.

We thank Castricum helpt Muttathara for their donation.

Castricum supported Jacana SMART centre

 Leo Bijl Stichting and Wim Tijhaar Educatiefonds


Jacana received a donation from Leo Bijl stichting for basic training and guidance of one Zambian entrepreneur and from Wim Tijhaar Educatiefonds for the guidance of one female entrepreneur.

We thank them for their donation. 

Aqua for All

Aqua for All

Also Aqua for All donated for the project "Water for Zambia", which means that Jacana can start the project in February 2017.

We thank Aqua for All for their donation.


New board members

Jacana wishes to introduce the new board members from Chipata who have taken over from the previous board located in Chisamba. We thank the previous board for everything they did for Jacana. It is because of their selfless dedication that Jacana was able to form a solid foundation for the future. Thanks Phil, Lisa, Hilda and Lucky!

From left to right the team has high level international NGO experience, top Finacial managment, Law, Water and Agric background. You can read here everything about Jacana's new experienced board. 


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