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December,  2016

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Wild Geeze supports: “Water for Zambia” project with 11 water pumps.

Wild Geeze 


every € you donate.

Goals of the “Water for Zambia” project are:

• Welders produce pumps locally and sell them.

• Well diggers drill boreholes manually and create a business.

• Zambians can buy pumps for private and business use.

• Sustainable water provision. 



• Farmers can farm throughout the year instead of 4 months.

• Women don't have to walk far distances for water.

• Cost reduction of 40% compared with conventional pumps.

• Sustainability will increase, because technique and spare parts are locally available

• Self-supply is created, meaning that people buy the pumps directly from the Jacana trained entrepreneurs. The water related products and services are usually provided on a commercial basis by local private enterprises.

Self-supply works

Tanzania showed that the Self-supply approach works. During the time that Rik and Dinie, initiators of Jacana, worked at SHIPO in Tanzania, many local entrepreneurs were trained and partly sponsored pumps were installed. Now four years later, six entrepreneurs earn an income out of water business. Without interference of NGOs the entrepreneurs sell the pumps directly to the people in Tanzania. 


Creation of Self-supply needs some help from outside.

• Critical mass is very important.It means that drillers and welders produce and install under good guidance at least 10 pumps and gain enough experience. 

• Guidance and training should be done by experts.

• "Seeing is Believing". Show Zambians that the SMART(*) water products are durable and that they can generate money with it. Jacana wil demonstrate this in a Show case area consisting of a few villages where the partly sponsored pumps will be installed at farmers, schools, churches, water vendors etc. "Champions" can show other community members that you can earn money with a pump. 

.(*) SMART=Simple, Marked based, Affordable and Repairable Technologies

So let your donation be doubled on  www.jacana.help/water

Also Aqua for All, Hofstee Foundation, Rotary Duiven, Haella Foundation, Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation and Zambian social enterprise COMACO (It'sWild) donated. Together we are almost there, look on our site.


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