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SMART Centres sharing skills, Nov. 2016
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November,  2016

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SMART Centres sharing skills

At the moment there are 5 SMART Centres in Africa (Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Zambia). The Centres exchange experiences, creates leverage and are coordinated by MetaMeta in the Netherlands.

In November there has been a work visit between SMART Centre Zambia and SMART Centre Malawi. This has enabled the staff to learn new technologies used in these Centres. Pious and Reuben from Zambia visited the SMART Centre in Malawi and their experience was wholesome. They worked with the team in Malawi to drill two boreholes and had the opportunity to learn how to make and use slightly different designs of drill bailers. The Centres learnt that even the slightest difference in design has a big impact on efficiency. More about this in a future newsletter.


SMART Centres at RWSN conference


Representatives of the SMART Centre group will be present at the Rural Water Supply Network forum (RWSN) to be held on 29th November to 2nd December 2016 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Several SMART Centres have been allocated time to share their experience with you:


"Drilling & Hand-dug wells. Manual SHIPO and Mzuzu drilling)"
Tuesday 29 Nov at 11:15-13:000 in the "DenguƩleƩ" room session 2B.
by Henk Holtslag [SMART Centre group]


"Self-supply. Entrepreneurs for Water & Water for Entrepreneurs"
Tuesday 29 Nov at 16:15-17:30 in the "Bamako" room session 4B.
by Rik Haanen [Jacana SMART Centre Zambia]


"The SMART Centre Approach: training the private sector and scaling-up Self-supply through a sustainable business model."
Tuesday 29 Nov at 16:15-17:30 in the "Bamako" room session 4B.
by Morten van Donk [SMART Centre Group]


"Accelerating Self-supply with the SMART Centre approach (ACCESS)"
Wednesday 30 Nov at 11:15-13:00 in the "Abidjan" room session 6A.
by Annemarieke Maltha [SHIPO SMART Centre Tanzania]

Smart Centre Exhibition Pictures


"Six ideas to reach SDG6 for rural water supply"
by Henk Holtslag [SMART Centre group]


"12 SMARTechs"
by Henk Holtslag [SMART Centre group]


"130,000 Rope pumps world wide"
by Rik Haanen [Jacana SMART Centre Zambia]


"Household Water Filters for Emergencies"
by Reinier Veldman [CCAP SMART Centre Malawi]


"Accelerating Self-supply by the SMART Centre Approach"
by Annemarieke Maltha [SHIPO SMART Centre Tanzania]



The SMART Centre Group has a stand at the exhibition area where you can always talk to one of us. It would be great to meet them there.


Rope Pump is Highly Used

With the current prevailing water challenges across the country, the rope pump at Jacana office is intensively used to serve the demanding community. Below are some pictures taken on daily basis of people coming to fetch water from the pump. Some of these families are walking more than 500 meters. Big thanks to "Castricum helps Muttathara" look how they are helping the Zambian people.

This shows what difference you can make with your donation for the people in Zambia!

Leo Bijl Foundation

Leo Bijl Foundation

Jacana received a donation from Leo Bijl Foundation for guidance and monitoring of Zambian entrepreneurs.

We thank Leo Bijl Foundation for the donation.


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