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Store Rain water in largest & cheapest tank, Oct. 2016
Jacana Business Empowerment News

October,  2016

Hello subscriber subscriber,

From the first training session in Chipata, Jacana selected the following entrepreneurs. These have proven their eagerness to learn and perseverance. They deserve our support and will be guided individually by Jacana for one year in expanding their business.

Tailor and designer, Catherine

Catherine Banda is hard working women. She wants to expand her business by making baby suits in order to attend to the high demand of the product in the area. She wants to sell a full packet at her shop: baby suit, bathtub, bucket, soap, napkins etc. 


Well diggers, Osward and Moses

Osward and Moses are working in “Open well digging and Brick molding”. During the 3 day training in business, finance and marketing planning they expressed interest in learning the new technology of borehole drilling and pump production. For the “Water for Zambia” programme they were trained in how to drill manually boreholes with a simple and cheap technique and how to install two pumps. They became very enthusiastic and Jacana wants to train them in new technologies and guide them for a period of one year.


Mr. Joel's recycling business.

Joel's recycling

Joel Mpulubusi expanded his company in recycling business. Jacana introduced Joel to TrashBack who trains him to be an aggregator in collection of recycling materials. At this moment they provided Joel with a container, bicycle-carts and professional computerized equipment for weighing and online payment for his collectors. Today he has a contract with the biggest leading brewery company called Zambia breweries and he provides an income for 20 extra people.

Joel's recycling

We need just a little bit more sponsoring to be able to continue Joel's support.


Mrs. Wamunjima Simunji's coocking oil business

Simunij's coocking oil

Remember that Le Tran designed labels for Mrs. Wamunjima Simunji's coocking oil? Wamunjima sees new faces ordering cooking oil, which means that the cooking oil business is growing.

Mrs. Simunji produced sunflower cooking oil from all the sunflower seeds she had. She sold all the oil, but she found it difficult to find a market for the sunflower cake (by-product of the sunflower oil production, used to feed livestock etc.). With the support of Jacana, she now found the market for it. Within a week everything was sold. Next time Mrs. Simunji knows how to access markets for all kind of agricultural products herself.

We need just a little bit more sponsoring to be able to continue Simunji's support.


Ground water recharge, catch Rain water

Raining season is starting in Zambia. If your well runs dry during the year than now it is time to fill up your groundwater level.

Because the ground is your largest and cheapest water storage. Do not lose Rain water; Store it in the ground for example with a simple and very cheap Tube recharge system. This video explains how it is made.


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