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September,  2016

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Water for Zambia

49% Of people in rural Zambia have no access to a safe water source (JMP 2015), 96% are small scale entrepreneurs,often farmers, (zamstats.gov.zm, 2008). Without a good water source farmers can only farm during the rainy season which is ¼ of the year. So if –with your help- we can provide water throughout the year, then rural economical activities increases with 75%.


Jacana’s SMART Strategy

Jacana starts a SMART training centre where entrepreneurs are trained in manual drilling of boreholes, local production of pumps and construction of ground water recharge systems. Jacana partly sponsors 30 pumps for early adopters to create a Show case area and convince people of the benefits of the new technology. When people are convinced they will start buying the pumps direct from the local private enterprises and no subsidies are needed and Self-supply is created.


What has been done until now?

In Chipata, which is known for difficult soil structures (rocky), Jacana has tested manual drilling and proved its viability. Two boreholes have been drilled, rope pumps installed and ground water recharge systems constructed. With the current water situation in the area this program is on high demand by the small scale famers who ensure food security. These farmers are knocking on our door explaining they are losing their business because of drought and are in urgent need of a pump. Despite this high demand Jacana has put the programme on hold until there are sufficient funds to ensure quality control. We therefore appeal to well wishers to donate something so that we continue training and monitoring this project.


Our expectation

• Farmers can farm for 12 months instead of 4.

• A cost reduction of rural water supply by 40%.

• Increased sustainability since technical skills and affordable spares are locally available.

• Self-supply: after we reach a critical mass and people are convinced of the benefits of the pumps, they will start buying them direct from the local entrepreneurs without the need for subsidy. We call this “profit based sustainability”.


Kootje Foundation

Jacana received a donation from Kootje foundation for basic training and guidance of one Zambian entrepreneur.

We thank Kootje foundation for the donation.


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