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Discover SMART shopping, Aug 2016
Jacana Business Empowerment News

August,  2016

Hello subscriber subscriber,


Jacana SMART centre starts

In preparation to start the SMART training centre two wells have been drilled and pumps installed, one at Jacana demo plot and the other one at a farmers plot.

Online training: Deepening a well

Plants and crops are dying because many hand dug wells are running dry and there are still 3 months without a drop of rain ahead of us.

Jacana felt the need to train drillers and develop online training materials for deepening wells in order to help farmers.

Guiding of Wedding Planner Ireen completed

Ireen came to Jacana to acquire skill in business planning, administration, finance and stock keeping; Jacana provided full training and found an expert in her field of work in the Netherlands. She has managed to open a hairsaloon creating jobs for seven people.

Guiding of Tailor Mirriam completed

Mirriam came to Jacana seeking skills in practical business planning, marketing, finance and book keeping. Full training and guidance were provided; during the guidance period among other things Jacana helped Mirriam with flyers which increased her catchment area including schools and lodges.

Guiding of Lodge Manager Hilda completed

Hilda a lodge manager with an intention to advance her skills in financial management, book keeping and computer skills made her way to Jacana where full training and guidance were provided, today  she is able to work with a computer, a website and billboard have been created, leading to increase in sales.


Training finished

Jacana has successfully completed the first entrepreneurship training and certification in Chipata. Jacana is yet to announce the most motivated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to guide for the full year.



SponsorKliks SMART Shopping

300 Online shops donate to Jacana

300 Online shops contribute a percentage of your purchase to Jacana. Please next time you go to your online shop go via this link: www.sponsorkliks.com.  Even when you go out for dinner, 4.500 restaurants will donate a part of your normal spending to Jacana.

It does not cost you anything extra.


Head of security

Mr. Mbaso is the new head of security, is very vigilant, sober minded and funny.


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