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April 2016

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First time ever Lean Canvas Training in local language Nyanja,

Training in a local language

For the First time Jacana facilitated the business training in a local language.
The trainees completed all the steps of the Lean Canvas Model under guidance of Pious.
The training was evaluated as good and useful, even by those who have problems with reading and writing.

Godfrey, online primary health care

Godfrey wants to expand his business by starting an online primary healthcare service. Jacana will guide him on HR management, marketing and technical software support.

Running a business in Africa

Before Jacana invites entrepreneurs for business training, they are asked to write their expansion plan in short. Until now almost 90% of the entrepreneurs think from the solution point of view. For example: Let me plant tomatoes or let meI buy a copy machine, after that the clients will come!

This is thinking from the solution point of view.

“Customers don’t care about your solutions. They care about their problems.”
– Dave Mc Clure-

The Lean Canvas Model forces you to focus on the problems of the (future) clients. Solutions are only a logical result to solve some of these problems. After that the entrepreneur test the assumption in a smart and cost efficient way. This will save the entrepreneur a lot of time and money.

These are the first two steps in the Jacana training:

Who are your future customers and what are their problems?

You can find the complete Jacana business manual here:

Annual report 2015 Jacana

Annual Report 2015

Jacana's annual report 2015f is published and you can find it here.

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