Jacana Business Empowerment News

Jan 2016

Hello subscriber subscriber,

First of all we whish you all the best for 2016. Jacana has been opperating in Zambia for half a year now. We are presenting some highlights here.


Up to now Jacana trained in total 20 small scale entrepreneurs in business, financial and marketing planning. Diversity of the participants was large from farmer to shopkeeper to lodge manager, welders and many more. Participants have well evaluated the training and that motivates Jacana to continue in 2016 in good spirits.

Eight out of twenty entrepreneurs were selected by Jacana for guidance.

The first three entrepreneurs have already been introduced in previous newsletters and on the website.

More about Mirriam

Mirriam the tailor

has for the first time in her life a financial overview of her business. She brought in a large order and although she had been sick for a few weeks she continues her business. Jacana needs only € 1,105.- to accompany her completely (read more about Mirriam here).

More about Ireen

Ireen the wedding planner

got a complete financial overview of her business and she took the bold move to open a second shop. Ireen experiences now how it is to manage a second shop (on distance) and it gives her the opportunity to open more shops in the future. An expert is found for Ireen.  Jacana needs only € 880.-  to accompany her completely (read more about Ireen here).

More about Hilda

Hilda the lodge manager

has developed well on computer and management skills. She enters her own financial records in the computer and she is not afraid of making tough HR decisions.  Jacana needs only € 1,540.-  to accompany her completely (read more about Hilda here)

In 2016 Jacana will start the guidance of five new entrepreneurs.

Godfrey the E-Health provider

has developed an online primary health care system where people can ask health questions and can apply for consultation concerning for example HIV/AIDS.

Xavier is a shopkeeper

who makes his own “frizits”(water ice) and sells fish and other groceries. 

Wamunyima is a cooking oil producer

she runs a hammer mill, sells vegetables from her own garden and rents out a tractor and small truck to people in the surrounding. 

Jona  and Joseph Zulu the lassers

are brothers and run a welding company. They weld door and window frames, gates and all kind of other things. 

In the newsletter of February more about these entrepreneurs. 




Through broadcasting of Pan African Radio (105.1 FM) entrepreneurs from Jacana get the unique chance to inspire other nationals and peers and fulfil a role model.

Ireen the wedding planner got the opportunity to talk about the challenges and chances she faced by running her business the last eight years. In the future more entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to motivate the youths and fulfil a role model for them.

Besides that Pious and Rik challenged the listeners to create their own Lean Canvas Business Model within during a radio programme of one hour. 


Important development in 2016

Jacana researches the possibilities to develop a SMART training centre for low cost water technologies, a centre similar to SHIPO in Tanzania. This centre fits perfectly with the current Jacana approach. Entrepreneurs in the water sector or depending on water will be trained and guided like for example: pump producers, drilling teams, water vendors, farmers who rely on water for vegetable production.

In future newsletters we will give you more information about the developments concerning the SMART training centre.