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In audience with the Vice President, Mrs. Inonge Wina (Dec 2015)
Jacana Business Empowerment News

Dec 2015

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Was November also such a bussy month for you?

Train the trainer

Jacana started the second series of business, financial and marketing training for entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses.
Also this time the variety of entrepreneurs is big: pharmacist, technician who repairs electrical devices, carpenter, farmer, welders, quail (incubator) business man, cooking oil producer, shop owners, wax producer, e-health service provider and an ice-cream manufacturer.
One goal of Jacana is to train local trainers. Pious took over a part of the business training under guidance of Dinie. He performed very well.


Vice President, Mrs. Inonge Wina, receives Jacana in audience.

Wednesday 25 of November Jacana together with Farise visited the Vice President. The visit was initiated by two potential female MP’s (Members of Parliament). The Vice President and the future PM’s want to improve the wellbeing of women. An important issue for women is access to water.

Vice President Zambia

Jacana researches the possibility to start a SMART Tech training centre in Zambia (like www.shipo-tz.org). In this training centre Jacana will train local entrepreneurs in pump production and borehole drilling; this will result in production of many pumps. The water can be used for consumption and for agriculture purposes.
Research showed that manual drilling is highly suitable in the Western Region of Zambia. Because of this method the costs of water points will reduce a lot comparing to the machine drilled boreholes and pumps will be affordable for rural people.
The Western part of Zambia is known for cashew production. Unfortunately nowadays most of these small farms have been neglected. Farise wants to train the farmers in rehabilitation of those farms and train them on growing vegetables under the trees (intercropping). This method will make the income of the farmers less seasonable. Especially water is needed for growing vegetables.
The roots of the Vice President are in the Western part of Zambia as well. She even has her own cashew farm. That is why Jacana and Farise presented a short presentation about Water & Cashew. The Vice President was very impressed by the initiative and she wants to see what she can do for Jacana and Farise. To be continued.......

Short video from the Vice-President

1 Vice President Mrs. Inonge Wina
2 Mrs. Dinie Nijssen (Jacana)
3 Mr. Elais Saliuya (Farise)
4 Mr. Rik Haanen (Jacana)
5 Mrs. Betty Mbewe (running for MP)
6 Mrs. Thoroga Ndhlova Chewe (running for MP)
7 Deputy Minister Hon. Bwalya Lazarous Chungu