Jacana Business Empowerment News

Nov 2015

Hello subscriber subscriber,

Jacana started guiding the three selected ladies.

Hilda, Lodge manager

Hilda started the computer training offered by Jacana very enthusiastic and discovers the possibilities of a computer. 

Together with the staff of the Lodge, Jacana designed a billboard to attract more customers. 


Ireen, Wedding planner

Ireen started to implement a practical stock keeping system, because she wants to open a second branch in Livingstone. She needs to be updated about all sells and items that are hired out in both shops.

Flyer for Mirriam: "Mimi's tailor shop"

Mirriam, Tailor

A simple flyer is designed for Mirriam to distribute to different people in her surroundings. The name of her tailor shop is: “Mimi’s Tailor Shop”. Last week Mirriam got a big order to sew school uniforms.

For the first time in her life Mirriam registers her incomings and outgoings. At the end of October the profit and loss balance was made.

And what do you think.......she made a Profit.


Second training session started

Jacana started in November with the second business, financial and marketing training for fifteen enthusiastic small entrepreneurs from Zambia.  

Pious Nyirongo

New employee

Since 1 November Pious Nyirongo works for Jacana. Pious has a diploma in Human Resource Management and worked for a mine company as assistant HR. After that he worked as guest house manager and HR manager for GCMF. In his free time he is a senior Pastor in Lusaka.

Jacana will train Pious to be a trainer and to assist in monitoring and guidance of the entrepreneurs. 



From “The Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation”

The Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation supports three of the four basic trainings over a period of one year. Jacana selects from these trainings the most promising entrepreneurs for an intensive program. These entrepreneurs will receive and individual guidance to expand their business.

We thank the Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation 

Individual contribution

We are very happy with the enthusiastic reactions and donations from several people over the world. Thank you for that. We hope that this trend will continue so that we can guide  HildaIreen and Mirriam for a full year.