Jacana Business Empowerment News

Sep 2015

Hello subscriber subscriber,

Jacana facilitated the first 3-days basic training.

During this training the participants were trained in writing a business, financial and marketing plan. All participants went home with the first version of their own business and financial plan for expanding their business.

Some reactions after the third training day:


“On my part I have a lot of work to do on the different departments.

So I need more help”.

Hilda, lodge manager


“I need to do financial plan over and over to understand,

but well explained”.

Ireen, wedding planner



 “I am not the same anymore;

you have reached me at another level”.

Mirriam, tailor



Jacana is very happy with commitment and attitude of the group. The content of the training was not easy, but through a lot of exercises the participants grasped it and became more and more enthusiast and proud. 


Next step

Jacana will select the most promissing entrepreneurs from this group. Their background and business plans will be presented on http://jacana.help/projects. Then Jacana raises funds for guiding them indivdualy and if necessary find an expert. So soon you will hear more about a few of them . . .

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