January 2020

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We used our experience in setting up a SMART Self-supply chain in the water sector in Chipata to open a new office in Lundazi in 2019. Where Self-supply started 2½ times faster than expected. Thanks to a team of motivated employees and entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, developments in Chipata continue

Moses developed a local solar pump

Water entrepreneur Moses Banda developed a solar pump that costs less than a hand pump and all parts are available in every small town.

Families can now purchase a solar pump (including panel) for less than 100 euros. The system works slowly but steadily and therefore it imposes extremely low demands on the water source. For example, you can use a casing pipe that is five times cheaper. Sources that run dry with a hand pump (20 liters/minute) often provide enough water for this solar pump that only requires 3 liters/minute but works constantly and therefore still fills a 1000 liter tank within 5 ½ hours.

We are proud of Moses who approached the water problem with non-Western eyes.

In the video, Moses explains how you can make the pump yourself.


A few small-scale farmers from our program had (improvised) hives, often made from the bark of a tree (which unfortunately don’t survive). Working with them, we discovered that there are unutilized opportunities with products from bees. Now, for example, the wax is thrown away while the beeswax from Africa is known as the best in the world and the cosmetic industry pays fair money for it. But then there must be no contamination and the farmers have to be more careful with chemical agricultural products. Elias, our new employee starting tomorrow, has a lot of experience in training organic agriculture and trained the first farmers with overwhelming success in 2019. Four months after the training, Elias did a follow-up and his response was: "I have never had such a motivated group".

All beekeepers harvested honey from the aggressive African bees without protective clothing or smoker. That is why Jacana trained local tailors to make bee suits. A local metalworker produced smokers and carpenters made proper hives. In this way, just like in the water program, a Self-supply chain has been set up, but this time for beekeeping. The trained beekeepers have formed a cooperative, Eastern Beekeepers Cooperative (EBC). Together with Jacana, a honey processing plant will be built and with that the circle is completed and the beekeepers can hygienically process their honey and sell it bottled. In this way they can generate more income and reinvest in their beekeeping. In 2020 Jacana will train 100 beekeepers who will process their honey in the honey plant.

Oyster mushrooms growers

A number of other small-scale farmers made courageous attempts to grow oyster mushrooms, but encountered a number of problems. Bernadette Phiri, who we previously supported, trained this group. In the video you can see one of them; widow Adrinah Zulu who, besides her 2 own children, takes care of 8 others and can send all 10 to school with smart and hard work.



Especially in Chipata, we experienced in 2019 that we are encountering more and more entrepreneurs with good business plans from different disciplines. This makes our work not only very interesting but also healthier for the people we guide from an economic point of view. Because diversity stimulates economic growth and too much competition can kill it.

As you know, our current office is now too small and we are busy preparing to build a business centre that will offer safe shelter and incubator space to various growing small entrepreneurs.

Just like the beekeepers and their suppliers, the entrepreneurs who will participate in the construction will form a chain and can jointly take on larger projects. In that sense, in addition to a building, the construction project will also produce a group of entrepreneurs who can operate at a higher level.

Fundraising is progressing well for which we are very grateful. However, if you have people in your circle of acquaintances who may be interested in our work, please send this email to them.

Thanks in advance,

Jacana team 2019

Jacana team 2019


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