December 2019

Hello subscriber subscriber,

Jacana’s dream becomes reality.

We have an option on a 1.8 ha piece of land on which we want to build Jacana Business Centre. We will start small with the possibility to expand in the future. First in line is one of the food processing units, with the possibility to grow to 3 units. After that the office will be built with flex spaces and training hall. This can also be expanded if needed.

On the map you can see what it will look like and the video explains why it is necessary to build it. All Jacana's activities no longer fit into the director's private house.

We ask for a small donation to make Jacana's dream a reality. Wild Geese doubles your donation. Click on the button below.

Double your gift

Drawing of the plans.

With a plot of 75 x 240 m, we can start small and expand when necessary.


This video explains why construction is needed.


Jacana wishes you a Merry Christmas

and a very happy and healthy 2020!


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