October 2019

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1 Year EMD and their visits to Finland

This month Eastern Manual Drilling (EMD, trained by Jacana SMART Centre Zambia) celebrates its first year of existence and what a year it was:

• EMD drilled 148 boreholes and provided almost 10,000 people with affordable access to water.

• EMD now buys pipes in bulk.

• Last few month all 24 members where constantly drilling and customers were put on a waiting list.

• EMD participated in many promotion events and was interviewed on national television ZNBC.

• EMD participated in the nationwide pitching competition and is one of the two who won a trip to Finland.

The pitching competition and the trip is sponsored by the Southern Africa Innovation Support programme (SAIS). EMD will have a full programme in Finland from 13 to 23 November 2019. They will be part of the world leading start-up event & community of entrepreneurs (SLUSH) .

“Nothing normal ever changed the World. 
But a community of world-conquering entrepreneurs just might.”


Providing water for all, to a growing African population

The only way to provide water for all, to a growing population in developing countries, is to capacitate the same people to solve that problem. EMAS and SMART Centres have been training and guiding small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries for many years. Trained entrepreneurs now supply affordable water technologies to communities and households in over 20 countries serving more than 2 million people. The above mentioned 1-year old EMD is a good example of that work.

EMAS and SMARTechnologies are complimentary and the organisations share the same philosophy towards sustainable development. Our mutual goal is to establish supply chains of Market-based, Affordable and Replicable technologies that are also fit for households (self-supply). By joining forces SMART Centres and EMAS will increase the number of small water enterprises, make them more robust and offer a larger variety of technologies and services to their customers.

"Investing in capacity building creates the conditions for sustainable rural water supply."

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