November 2018

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Tutorial manual drilling SHIPO method

Jacana facilitates technical trainings for manual drillers of boreholes, these are local small scale entrepreneurs. It’s very difficult to explain in these sessions what is happening deep under the surface (sometimes 40m deep). Why do you need to do certain actions above surface in order to have the right effect down there where no eyes can go. Also fixing problems like collapsing or fishing out broken tools, back washing and swabbing are hard to explain if you can’t see what is happening.
With a donation from Kootje foundation, Jacana and 3D modeller and animator Mr. Collins Mulenga were able to make a tutorial which explains the popular SHIPO manual drilling concept. The tutorial is a combination from videos and animations and makes it possible to show hidden parts of the drilling process.
SHIPO manual drilling uses a range of techniques to deal with specific situations. Some of these techniques are: augering, stone punching, percussion jetting and (hand) sludging. It also explains about casing design, production and installation. Developing of the borehole is another subject and finally it focusses on a few important trouble shooting techniques.
But please have a look at it yourself:


Invitation Jobena award ceremony

The Jobena award ceremony will be held on 3 February 2019 in the “Oude Magazijn” near Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Hope you are in the neighbourhood, if so you are invited to the event, book now with this link. It’s going to be fun.


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