September 2018

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Jobena Award 

To our great joy we can announce that Jacana has been chosen as the winner of the 2018/2019 Jobena Award.This is a huge recognition and boost for Jacana's work.

Jobena Foundation was founded in 1996 with the aim of supporting cultural projects and development projects and every two years an award is given to a project that has self-development as an effort and goal.

Jobena jury says about Jacana: "We are charmed by the approach of Jacana and how they embed small scale self-development in local population."

The award ceremony will take place on Sunday 3 February during an event organized by Jobena and Jacana.

Make a reservation in your diary on 3 February, further announcements will follow.

Stichting Jobena


             Jobena thanks!


Visit of Transform International 

On 19 and 20 September three delegates (Steward, Nancy and Carla) of Transform International visited Jacana. On one hand to see the work of Jacana and on the other hand to express both expectations to the future.

Transform International provides support to local in-country centres, both existing and new. Their mission is to bring together skills and knowledge to build a network of strong in-country development transformation centres that grow to become self-sustaining.

Driller, Erasmus Zulu

It were two beautiful and informative days. On day one Jacana showed them the demonstration area at the office.The workshop was viewed and the descriptions that Henk Holtslag wrote during a technical training on the walls aroused the interest of Steward.We also looked at the pumps and the ground water recharge and many questions were asked. The rest of the afternoon was spent on exchanging experiences.

Driller,, Francisco Soko

The second day we visited some entrepreneurs in Mesekera, one of our Show case area villages. Bandson the beekeeper showed them around on his farm where he has 34 bee hives. Mary took them to her vegetable garden, where she can grow vegetables all year, because she has access to water. Moses the driller demonstrated manual borehole drilling and eventually we visited Gideon's workshop where he explained about the production and sales of rope pumps. Furthermore, interesting discussions were held.


SMART Symposium in Malawi

In November 2018, MetaMeta, Aqua for All, SNV and the SMART Centres will organise the SMART Symposium to share lessons learnt in WASH and rural development from the past 25 years.

This practical symposium provides information about important aspects of the SMART approach and will give an impulse to your WASH activities.

Information will be provided and discussions will be conducted on aspects such as:

• how to train local entrepreneurs in SMARTechs,

• how to create a profitable and sustainable Self-supply chain, 

• how to improve the functionality of the systems, 

• how to shift from community ownership to family ownership.

SMART Symposium

For further information e-mail Reinier Veldman at info@smartcentremalawi.com or call +265996090132.


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