May 2018

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The story of Uveren'gapi, a female entrepreneur.


Who is Uveren’gapi?

In most African families the woman is a breadwinner, as in the case of Uveren'gapi. She is a young woman from a village near to Chipata. She is mother of 1 child and takes care of another 3 foster children. Her husband is tailor at home.

Uveren’gapi grows onions, tomatoes, bananas, sugar cane, cabbages and spinach. There is a small stream close to her garden, but the last years this stream dries up earlier than usual. The effect is that she has no water during a few months per year and therefore can not generate any income.  




The stream with water.




                     The stream without water..

When Uveren'gapi heard that Jacana had organized a meeting for small scale entrepreneurs who have ideas to expand their business when they have access to water throughout the year, she was there.


After the meeting she signed up and Jacana invited her to take part in the business and financial training. During the training it turned out that she had a good plan to expand. After a visit to her 1 ha garden, Jacana was convinced and after she had paid 70 euros contribution the drillers started drilling the borehole and installed a rope pump.

Now Uveren'gapi grows her vegetables all year round and she even plans to expand the plot to 2 ha. Her first findings are very positive, because she knows better than anyone that if her vegetables do not get water in dry times, there is no harvest. But now that she has a pump in her vegetable garden, she doubled her sales of spinach.

Wilde Ganzen

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