January 2018

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Cholera in Zambia.

Almost every year there are a number of cholera cases in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.This usually goes hand in hand with the start of the rainy season.The drainage system is not in order and bacteria spread easily, in addition many people use water from open wells and contamination is the next step.

Unfortunately this year there is a real cholera outbreak in Lusaka. More than 3,000 cases of cholera have already been reported and more than 70 have died. The epidemic is slowly expanding to other parts of the country, including Chipata and surrounding cities.So far 20 cases have been reported and 1 dead in our area. Of course, nobody wants this to become worse, so the local authorities and the army started a major cleaning action. All trading stands in the streets have been removed, nobody is allowed to sell on the street, only in the designated places such as markets. Restaurants, supermarkets and public places are controlled by the Ministry of Health. Jacana and entrepereners in our projects have offered to lend a hand.

After we had consultations with the local water authorities, we sat together with the entrepreneurs for water trained by Jacana. They suggested chlorinating family owned open wells in urban and peri-urban areas. However, this is a short-term solution, which is why the entrepreneur, together with field worker Pious, clean private wells and make people aware of the dangers of open wells. Together with the owners, a solution is sought. Jacana has trained the water entrepreneurs in producing affordable solutions to cover an open well. The entrepreneurs present the families with four options:

1)      Use a household filter

2)      Cover the well with a lid

3)      Cover the well with an EMAS pump

4)      Cover the well with a Rope pump

The families are also reminded that they always need to cook or filter the water from a well before drinking.

These solutions will in future ensure that the cholera bacterium has no chance to spread.



Jacana thanks Kringloop winkel "Castricum helpt Muttathara" for their trust in our approach .They donate for the third time and help small entrepreneurs to get water and expand their businesses. 

Thank you Castricum.

Castricum helpt Muttathara


We are very pleased with the second donation from Wim Tijhaar Educatiefonds. Two women will be guided for one year: Bridget and Petronella.

Thank you Wim Tijhaar Educatiefonds


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