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SMART entrepreneurs are popular, Aug 2017

August, 2017

Hello subscriber subscriber,


AgriProFocus business platform

The AgriProFocus business platform held on 24 and 25 August was a success. Our entrepreneurs (drillers and welders) had a good chance to pitch and market their businesses. The response was overwhelming, more than 500 farmers and about 100 agro dealers are very much interested in a SMART borehole and rope pump.

Currently we have a list of people ready to pay the full amount, waiting in line to have a borehole drilled and pump installed. The increasing demand for the SMARTechs indicates that the products and services are viable and urgently needed by small scale businesses.

Of course not everybody is able to pay the full amount. Especially people in rural areas often lack the financial capacity. They work hard and deserve a chance as well. Therefore Jacana sponsors early adopters like Bernadette and Joshua in rural areas (see below).


Bernadette Mvula is very happy!

Remember Bernadette? Through your generosity funds were raised within 12 hours after the newsletter release. Drillers started work the next day and now Bernadette is excited that her well has been deepened and water pump installed. Now she can keep the piglets, expand her business, walk out of poverty and provide employment for others as she grows in her business.

Thank you very much for your donations!  Thanks!


Joshua Tembo, farmer.

It is indeed true that disability is not always a limitation.

As a challenged person (deaf) Joshua is an industrious gardener who cultivates tomatoes, rape, cabbages and onions in huge quantities and sells his products to the local market. Joshua has plans to expand his business by extending his farming plot to two lima (100x100 meter) and produce variety of farming products to meet the market demands. This will help him to support his family and send his child to school.

Joshua's tomatoes are nearly ready to be sold. But with the shortage of rainfall for the past 4 months, the small water source has almost dried up and if he does not get access to water it looks like he is going to loose a quarter of his tomatoes. The drillers are ready to step in but need the materials to drill a borehole and install a rope pump. Joshua paid 70 Euros we are still looking for a contribution of 830 Euros. Would you help him with any amount?


SMART Centres at World Water Week Stockholm

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) hosted and organised World Water Week 2017 in Stockholm from 27 August until 1 September.

SMART Centre Group represented all SMART centres by displaying SMARTtechs like rope pump, manual drilling, ground water recharge etc.People in attendance  had a wonderful time to learn more about SMARTtechs and how they are transforming lives.


Jacana SMART Centre Zambia Oklahoma, USA

Sally Sutton will represent Jacana SMART Centre Zambia at the International WaTER Conference on September 18-20, 2017 at the University of Oklahoma.


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