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What a pump can do for B&B, July 2017

July, 2017

Hello subscriber subscriber,

There has been no drop of rainfall in Zambia for the past three months, and it's likely that there will be no rain in the next two months. So this month we will tell you how Bernadette and Bernadette are helped with a pump. 

Progress Bernadette Phiri, mushroom cultivator.

Le Tran, a designer from the United States, has designed labels and a business card for Bernadette's company "Dettes Hill farm". Bernadette can now label the 250 and 500 gram oyster mushrooms before selling to her customers.

Bernadette with her Labels

Osward drills a borehole and is now 17 meters deep. This week, the rope pump will be installed and Bernadette can start with the cultivation of vegetables.The company Dettes Hill farm will get a new department.

Osward drilling at Bernadette

Bernadette asks Jacana to thank everyone who made this possible for her.

So Moses, Osward, Reuben, Wim, Chris and Le thank you!


Bernadette Mvula is at least as active.

Namesake Bernadette Mvula is a farmer in a small village outside the city. She cultivates maize, sunflowers, beans and keeps chickens, pigs and cows. She would like to expand her piggery and she has the piglets already.

Bernadette has dug a well because her farm needs a lot of water. However, the well falls dry in about one month (due to the dry season). Without water she will be forced to sell the piglets.

She wants the drillers -who Jacana has trained-  to deepen the well and install a rope pump. Then she has clean water throughout the year and she can keep the piglets so that they can grow into full grown pigs.

Bernadette saved € 70 for the pump. We are still looking for a contribution of € 230. Are you in?


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