Jan 2021

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The entire Jacana-team whishes you all the best for 2021!

2020 Has been a roller-coaster. Zambia was extremely lucky in terms of registered infected corona patience. However image: you do not have any form of saving or financial buffer. What you earn today is where you buy your today’s food from. Then the covid-19 restrictions on for example markets and transport will have a huge effect on you and your family, even when you are healthy. This is the case for all Zambians we work with.

The more contagious South-African Covid-19 version has reached Zambia between Christmas and new-year. Official numbers of infected people started raising again. Let us hope that in 2021 the effects will be limited to all of us.

New-year event

Thanks to your support to our new-year event. Already six out of ten framers will get a pump soon. The donation page is still open for the other four. A pump means water in dry season and that means double harvest…
Uveren Gapi Doubled her sales

Job opportunity

Jacana has been very busy in 2020. We are happy to announce that we are strengthen our small team. We are looking for a field officer in Chipata. Are you interested? Read all about the requirements and how to apply at:
We are hiring