Nov 2020

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Water filter and solar pumps

In this year where the corona crisis is creating all kinds of challenges, Jacana also faced some. We have had to wait a very long time for all kinds of parts to make water filters and solar pumps, but we have succeeded. Everything is in place.

Water filters

It is well known that water quality in Zambia is not suitable for consumption. Yet most people drink water without purifying it. Fortunately, very affordable and efficient "membrane" filters are now being made in China (€ 6 plus some buckets and small parts). Jacana office has been using this kind of filter for years and Marie-Stella-Maris helped us to introduce these filters on the Zambian market. However, this is easier said than done, because filters are unknown and few people realize what effect bad water has on health. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere: in Lundazi, a number of enthusiastic ladies have been promoting the filters at markets and events for a few weeks now. We are curious.

Filter promotion

Solar pumps

Last year we were able to test some very affordable solar pumps. One of them was very good (€ 35). This year we are again testing a range of other solar pumps of similar design. The demand for affordable solar pumps is high and once again thanks to Marie-Stella-Maris we can bring these pumps on the Zambian market.
For comparison: the most commonly used hand pump in Zambia now costs € 300, the affordable solar pumps with a solar panel cost € 90, there is no need for a battery or controller. When water is not too deep (6m), these pumps deliver the same amount of water as the usual hand pump, but continuously. As a result, they deliver much more water per day (3600 litres/day). It is also possible to connect pumps in series so that the pressure increases proportionally.



In Lundazi, the first people were trained in advising clients to select the most suitable pump for their specific situation. They also learned how to install the solar pump and how to make a simple safety control box, because electric pumps should not run dry.

If you want to know more about this, please study our manual.