June 2020

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Agro trainers training Lundazi

After postponing the training of agro-trainers due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jacana finally reopened its doors on Monday June 22nd 2020, to its four highly motivated participants in organic farming.
Compost making 1

In the "Water for Lundazi and Chasefu" project sponsored by Marie-Stella-Maris, Jacana selected four experienced farmers who are willing and have the capacity to share their experiences. Jacana provides them with additional knowledge and training skills in organic farming.
These four farmers will soon be training and guiding other farmers in organic farming, so that they too will receive a larger and healthier yield with the same investment.
During the first week the following topics were discussed:
  • Land preparation and setting out of the field.
  • Identifying, collecting and processing compost material.
  • Making the compost heap and compost tea.
  • Identifying agroforestry trees and discussing the benefits of multifunctional tree species in agroforestry. The team walked through their natural environment to identify multifunctional tree species.
In the week of June 29 to July 3, the following topics are covered:
  • Pest control.
  • The influences of climate changes and problems of erosion.
  • The compost pile must be turned and the compost tea applied.
  • Learning training skills.
We are honoured to work with these four farmers and they are grateful for this training and will be sharing the acquired knowledge with their neighbours in Katandala in the coming weeks.

Please let us know (with a reply to this mail) if you are interested in more information about organic farming.


Water for health centres

Thanks to your generous donations, the total amount of water for health centres in the Eastern Province has been raised and is doubled by Wilde Ganzen. We visited and checked 70 health centres, 34 health centres met Jacana's criteria. Currently, the EMD drillers are at work in the first five districts and three more districts will follow.

New board member in the Netherlands

Ria de Vries is our new board member in the Dutch Jacana Foundation. She visited Africa a lot of times. Among other things, Ria worked with and for disabled children in Ghana for two years and she likes to travel in African countries. Ria is currently working as an occupational therapist in a nursing home.

Ria, welcome to the team, we are very happy that you are joining the board.