June 2024

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Zambia wide training borehole siting

Especially after the poor rainy season, all eyes are on water. Boreholes in good locations, create access to groundwater, reduce hunger and poverty and increase health. Drilling boreholes is a costly and risky undertaking. Finding a good site can significantly reduce that risk.
The Zambian WAter Resource Management Authority (WARMA) requires that before drilling, a survey is conducted to determine its best location. This is called "borehole siting".

However, Zambia currently does not have enough professional "borehole siters" to cover the entire country. As a result, drilling companies and their clients often just have to take the risk and drill without knowing the optimal location.
It is like gambling: "in the end, the casino always wins" and the average player loses. In other words, the government, NGOs and individuals will save a lot of money if someone can find the most suitable location for a borehole for them.

Good news:

Professionally locating the best place for a borehole need not be expensive.
Jacana is ready to train people to become professional borehole siters. Not only do we train the technique of locating the best place, we train also making an affordable Vertical Electrical Sounding machine. During the training, participants make their own machine so that they can start working immediately after finishing. All thanks to the support of the SKAT foundation.


The following video briefly explains how affordable professional soil testing works and what will be covered during the training.
Borehole siting tutorial
Professor James Clark developed an affordable system for this soil survey, using the same physics approach as the very expensive commercially available equipment.

Jacana has already trained several small-scale entrepreneurs in three districts in eastern Zambia. They are able to make their own equipment, conduct advance professional surveys with it and generate income. These entrepreneurs have gained the trust of many manual and machine borehole drillers. Jacana is also experiencing the positive impact of their work with the hundreds of boreholes drilled (see

Are you active in the Zambian water sector and want to add borehole siting services to your business?

The course is FREE for participants who are in the Zambian water sector and bring a list of GPS-coordinates with water levels from already existing wells in their area. During the course, you will make your own equipment and learn how to use it.

The training will start on 27 August 2024 in Lusaka and last four days.

Click the button below and fill in the form (participation is only possible for those who register through this way).


Visit of Skat Foundation to Zambia

Skat Foundation has been sponsoring Jacana for a number of years. The last three years in particular have been invested in building the SMART training centre in Petauke. Karla Schlie from Skat Foundation visited our headquarters in Chipata and the project in Petauke. Together with Douglas Mudenda, Eunice Nkhoma and Rik Haanen she went into the field. Karla was very impressed that a family can make such great steps when they have access to water. Some families had received a partially sponsored water pump in February, followed by training in making compost and starting a vegetable garden. Karla saw with her own eyes how families had already grown, harvested and made considerable money from vegetables in just four months. Karla saw the added value, especially now that maize, soya and peanut harvests have failed because of the drought. The farmers with water can now grow winter maize and other vegetables so they don't have to go hungry and can sell some.
There is, of course, great diversity among the farmers, an action plan has been drawn up to get, those who are somewhat left behind, to a higher level.

Under the motto: "If others can do it, so can I".

visit Skat Foundation
Karla Schlie (SKAT foundation) with one of the farmers and her son


the Netherlands

Rik and Dinie (Jacana founders) went to the Netherlands for a short holiday. Besides holiday, they also found time to speak to a number of donors.
On 26 May, the second hand shop and Foundation "One Earth" from Asten celebrated its 50th anniversary and Jacana was invited to provide a stand during the festivities. The festive day kicked off with a communal brunch together with more than 150 of their volunteers. The afternoon was graced by a men's choir, a fashion show and a performance by Sakkerdju. Amidst these activities were 10 stands set up by foundations that receive donor money from One Earth Foundation, Jacana was one of them. There was a lot of conversation with enthusiastic people who were very interested in Jacana's work in Zambia. All in all, it was a festive, beautiful day.

"One Earth congratulations again"
Een Aarde
During the One Earth festivities, we also talked with Ton Wijnen, chairman of MOV Franciscusparochie Asten, a wonderful organisation to work with.

At AFAS Foundation we were welcomed by Casper Helmer (project manager) and Roos Nolet (AFAS Foundation manager). We discussed the progress of the five-year project in which Jacana is intensively supporting 50 farmers. We also got a tour at their beautiful building.

Finally we visited the always busy Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation. They are pushing hard and are now preparing a multi-year programme.

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