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April 2024

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Award selection criteria

Jacana awarded the best farmer, in order to encourage farmers who are participating in the five year AFAS program: "From autopilot to champion" (in April, end of year two).
Farmers from Chipata, Lundazi and Petauke went to visit each other and scored each other on four criteria:
  1. Implementation; is the farmer implementing what he/she learned from the project?
  2. Garden layout; is it designed agro-smart and easy to work in?
  3. Innovation; is the farmer able to think outside the box?
  4. Bookkeeping; did the farmer keep records of his income and expenditures?
Jaston Zimba Lundazi AFAS
Jaston Zimba showing his citrus tree nursery

Patricia zulu said:

"I have learned a lot, I wish this was done every month".

It was not just a visit, farmers also learnt a lot from each other, as they were able to share different challenges they are facing and how they handled them. Farmers also encouraged each other not to give up and keep learning every day.
Hildah Phiri said:

"Wait for my huge improvement now I know where and how".

bookkeeping Afas Award
Checking books

Mathias Phiri said:

"If she can do it, then I will also do it".

Two farmers were selected from each branch by their fellow farmers. The farmer who performed best in implementation, innovation and garden layout and the farmer who performed best in bookkeeping. In total six farmers were selected, two for each branch. Next to that an overall best farmer was chosen.
nursery for vegetable plants
Anderson Mkhalipi explaining about nursery seedling management

Anastazia said:

"I was doing things without full information.
Now I have it from my fellow experienced farmer".

Award ceremony

The winners were announced at Jacana`s head office in Chipata, farmers from Lundazi and Petauke travelled the day before to attend this ceremony. On the actual day different activities were done to get to know each other better and a picture game was played. The picture game brought a lot of energy in the group. The 50 farmers was divided in groups of 5 and they got a list with names of trees, flowers, vegetables, garden tools etc. They had to make pictures of these items. The group with most correct pictures taken in 15 minutes won.
Picture game

In between all activities the awards were announced by the agriculture officers and branch managers. Jacana director announced the overall award winner. This year there was no woman selected, that is why Jacana decided, as a motivation for other women, to also have an award for the best female farmer. Vouchers were given to the winning farmers so that they can purchase things to help them in implementing garden activities, like water storage tank, hose pipe, extra pump etc.
In the picture you see the winners of the awards 2024
AFAS award winners
Upper row left to right: Dennis Ndhlovu (*L), Moses Nyirenda (*C), Elias Phiri (*P), Gezile Mwanza (*P), Morris Ngoma (*C)
Down row left to right: Kingdom Kumwenda (*L), Sax Botha (*C), Zambu zulu (*P).
(*) C=Chipata, L=Lundazi, P=Petauke).

Overall Award winner Moses Nyirenda

Moses Nyirenda from Chipata won the overall award, because of his exceptional garden layout and implementation. Moses demonstrated a remarkable ability to design and implement a well-organized garden. His plot not only adheres to best practices but also reflects a meticulous attention to detail. His bookkeeping practices showed a high degree of accuracy and completeness, reflecting a determination to learn. His garden showed that he is willing to explore new ideas and adapt to changing circumstances in adopting new farming techniques to enhance productivity and sustainability.
Field of overall winner, Moses Nyirenda