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March 2024

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Sustainable Organic Agriculture training

The training lasts 5 days and consists of 50% theory and 50% practice.

It covers:
  • What is Sustainable Organic Agriculture?
  • How do I improve my soil?
    • Green manures and crop rotation.
    • Organic compost production.
  • Natural pest control and management.
  • Design, layout and management of an organic vegetable garden.
organic farming training
Women pounding neem leaves for organic pesticide
Organic pesticide made from chili peppers

Jacana trained two groups of farmers in March. The farmers are part of the AFAS program.
The practical part included recognising plants suitable for organic crop control, making and using organic pesticides, making a permanent bed for a vegetable garden.

Some quotes from participants in the organic farming training.

“No more going to the agro dealers shop.”

“How I wish I know this earlier, my life would have been not the same.”

“Where were you Jacana? “

My grandchildren will find my land healthy, because I know how to keep it healthy.”
Preparation of permanent vegetable bed

Earlier, these farmers learned how to make different types of compost. One example is Bokashi. A compost type that is ready for use after only 12 days. Other types include Lab Serum, Berkely and compost tea.

You can also download the manuals below.

Jacana experienced the potential of organic farming training. We are thinking about providing online training and want to find out whether there is enough enthusiasm for it. It is of course important that if you follow the training online, you can immediately put into practice what you have learned and it is advisable to have a piece of land of about 20 X 10m to start with.

If you are interested in online training then please reply on this newsletter.

Do you want to try Bokashi bio-fertilizer yourself then follow the instructions in the video below: