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December 2023

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Past performance does predict future results.

A year ago, we asked for a donation for a new concept: "Jacana SMART market". Just to refresh your mind on what it was all about.

As you know, Jacana supports small-scale entrepreneurs. At a SMART market, entrepreneurs trained by us in the past present their solutions. In cities, customers can often bear the full cost (we call this Self-supply). In villages it is different, people who visit the SMART market choose the solution that suits them best and pay part of the costs, Jacana sponsors the rest.

With the proceeds of the New Year 2023 campaign, Jacana launched SMART market I project. This project concluded with the following positive outcomes:
7 beekeepers received training and guidance. They received a partially sponsored hive, bee suit, honey processing system and smoker to get started safely.
Now that I have a proper bee suit, I can harvest my honey without danger and without harming the bees!
6 farmers received training on how to make their own chicken feed. They received a partially sponsored starter kit.
The chicken feed in the shops was too expensive for me, but now I can make it myself and keep many more chickens.
9 farmers received organic compost training. They received partially sponsored a 210-litre barrel, pitchfork and molasses.
The training has opened my eyes. I can use waste from the field (which I normally burn) to make my own compost and save a lot of money.
7 small businesses have been partially sponsored a solar energy system, giving them electricity for chickens, a shop or a hair saloon and barber shop.
My clients can now visit me after their work in the field and my children are able to do their homework in the evening.
During the 2023 SMART market, we did not offer pumps because we had already a water project in the area. In 2024, though, water will be an important part.

SMART market II, 2024

Solar pump

The 2023 SMART Market I was a great success and people were very grateful for the opportunities offered to them.

We therefore decided to write proposals to donors for SMART Market II. Meanwhile, a nice amount has already been received. For which we thank them.

The entrepreneurs presented their solutions at the SMART market event in an area called Mugubu, where interest proved overwhelming.

152 small-scale entrepreneurs chose a solution and registered.
We are currently able to help 75 of them.
Solar energy

Current funding status

Data on 1-Dec-2023.
(*) The mobile solar pumps cost less than 200 euros and are not sponsored.
(**) Some small-scale entrepreneurs have already invested themselves in, for example, a panel, battery or inverter. But the systems are not complete, with your help we can upgrade them.

The table above shows what people have chosen to do. Unfortunately, as it looks now, we have to disappoint a large number of people.

Therefore, Jacana asks if you would like to make a small contribution so that more farmers can get water for household and gardening purposes or more people can be helped to upgrade their solar system or attend a training course on organic compost production.

Thank you in advance and happy Christmas holidays.

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