July 2023

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It is a known fact that access to water plays a key role in development. Good located boreholes create access to ground water, reduce poverty and increase health. Drilling boreholes is a costly and risky business. High quality borehole siting can reduce that risk significantly.
The Zambian WAter Resource Management Authority (WARMA) requires proper borehole siting to be done before driller any borehole.
However, Zambia currently does not have enough professional borehole siters to cover the country. As a result, drillers and their customers often just have to take the risk and drill without proper siting.

It is like gambling: “in the end the casino always wins” and the average player loses. In other words: government, NGO’s and individuals will save a lot of money if someone can do a proper borehole siting job for them.

Good news:

Professional borehole siting does not need to be costly.
Jacana is ready to train and guide people who want to go into borehole siting and production of the equipment.


The following video explains in short how affordable professional borehole siting works and some of the subjects that will be trained and practiced.

Borehole siting tutorial

Professor James Clark developed an affordable borehole siting system using the same physics approach as the commercial sold equipment. Jacana has already several trained small-scale entrepreneurs in three districts in Eastern Zambia. They are able to produce their own siting equipment and created an income using it. These entrepreneurs have gained trust from many borehole drillers and WARMA. Also Jacana experiences the positive impact from their work with the hundreds of boreholes drilled (see

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