Well digger, Hastings Mbewe

Hastings Mbewe has been an inspiration to many in his area. Now he wants to expand his well digging business. He appreciates the fact that Jacana wants to guide him in this process. For this guidance Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you.

€ 580 raised now, still € 1,420 of € 2,000 needed.

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Henk HoltslagExpert Henk Holtslag

SMARTech advisor Henk Holtslag is willing to train him in manual borehole drilling and installation of rope pumps.

Guiding & Monitoring data

March  2017

During Jacana’s 3 weeks technical training that Hastings attended, he exhibited enthusiasm and focus and he acquired technical drilling skills in the following technologies:

  • Auguring
  • Soil punching
  • Mzuzu drilling with chisel, open and closed bailers
  • Drilling using Jetting
  • Drilling by Sledging
  • Bapthist drilling (percussion)
  • Corbel, open well covering

Hastings is jetting

Hastings in training helping his friends

Hastings Mbewe started the well digging business immediately after completing his secondary school. Later he did a course in electricity and computer hardware maintenance. At the moment his passion is “well digging” though at time he repairs electrical appliances and computer hardware right in his village. Hastings attended the Jacana basic training for three days. During the training he showed a lot of motivation and perseverance. He really wants to make his business a success by expanding into manual drilling, pump installation and complete his shop which is being constructed. Jacana believes that Hastings has the potential to be a great businessman, but also a role model for other Zambians.

Therefore Jacana wants to train and guide Hastings in manual drilling and expand his business. For Jacana to provide technical training and guidance we need your financial help. Every small amount is more than welcome.


Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.Thank you on behalf of Hastings Mbewe!

Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.

Hastings Mbewe a Well digger in Luangeni Village has been in this business for 4 years. Besides well digging he is a qualified electrician and computer repairer. He is married with one child.
Hasting's family

Manual drilling service provider, business plan


Schools do not have enough resources to install and maintain expensive boreholes.

Schools cannot find the boreholes that would produce water free of rust and bad smell

The schools cannot find boreholes that are easy to pump water by the children.


Install affordable rope pump on manual drilled borehole.

Install pumps that produce clean water and are easily handled by anyone.



Affordable and durable pumps in stock.

Experienced worker and spare parts available.

Easy to pump by anyone and gives out clean water always.


Get official training in manual drilling and pump installation




The schools in my area.


Increase in demand and orders and every time new faces are coming.


Phone call, business card, Facebook, word of mouth.


I assume that schools will  like my manually drilled bore holes and that they want to buy them in the future.


I will install one at my house and ask two schools to come                               GO:  If 1 out of 2 schools says yes then I GO.

and see and ask them if they want one at their premises.


Labour and food K xxx



Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Hastings in:

  • Providing technical training in manual drilling
  • Provision of initial tools and materials for few pumps
  • Guidance in book keeping and financial management.
  • Internet and website training.


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